Clear Aligner Therapy Diploma

Course Outlines

Delivered in collaboration with the City of London Dental School and SAFE Orthodontics, this easy-to-follow 12-month blended, interactive learning program gives you all the clinical skills you need to achieve a best practice approach in your orthodontic care.

  • Understand orthodontic anatomy and classification.
  • Assess, diagnose and treatment plan the orthodontic patient suitable for Clear Aligner Therapy.
  • Understand the biomechanical principles of tooth movement.
  • Be able to interpret clinical imagery in orthodontic alignment
  • Understand the treatment process of clear aligner therapy and materials used.
  • Know the components of the Clear Aligner as an orthodontic appliance
  • Appreciate different treatment protocols for different malocclusions.
  • Know how to use computer-assisted technology when planning orthodontic alignment.
  • Utilise the learning outcomes above to create a portfolio of clinical cases.
  • Mentorship will be provided for case assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, active treatment, finishing and retention.
  • Term 1: Fundamentals of Adult Orthodontics and Treatment Planning
  • Term 2: Theory of Clear Aligner Practice and Clinical Application
  • Term 3: Clinical Case Presentations preparation with Tutors
  • Forum support available from Term 1
  • Private WhatsApp group from Term 1
  • Professional Coaching from Term 1
  • Small group mentoring from Term 2
Students who successfully complete all the course requirements may undertake assessment.
  • Multiple choice short answer papers based on clinical practice.
  • Case documentation of 10 completed cases.

Reach new heights in your career with a Professional Postgraduate Diploma

The Diploma in Clear Aligner Therapy course aims to teach the general dentist how to use clear aligner therapy as a tool to improve the treatment outcomes in all aspects of their general dental practice, including aesthetic, periodontal and restorative care.

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Reach new heights in your career with a Professional Postgraduate Diploma

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