Monitoring with Invisalign by Dr Camilla Morrison

It is important to monitor our patients during their Invisalign treatment. It is hard to defend the ‘hand all the aligners at once and see you at the end’ approach. Yet we likely all monitor our patients slightly differently, using different time frames, technology, and tools.   Why do we need to monitor our patients?  […]

Planning Conscious IPR In Mild/Moderate Crowding Cases by Dr Daniela Ramirez Guevara

To correct crowding, we need to think about how to create the proper space in the arch. For opening space in mild or moderate crowding cases, we have three options:  Anterior proclination:   Posterior expansion:  Interproximal reduction or IPR:   When planning IPR it is crucial to consider the tooth shape and size, our treatment goals (if we […]

Tips For Finishing Cases by Dr Lydia Sharples

Careful and considered finishing can take the outcome of an Invisalign case from good to great. It’s worth spending time on the last few steps of each patient’s aligner journey to ensure your cases are finished to the highest possible standard. Removing Attachments One of the things that can let cases down is residual composite […]

Are You Selling Yourself and Your Dental Practice Effectively? by Patrick Schoeman

Let me ask you this… Do you even believe that you need to “sell yourself” and your Dental Practice? I keep hearing this notion that Dentists shouldn’t “sell”, they are there to provide healthcare services to patients and selling has no place in Dentistry. Well, let me tell you that I flat-out disagree with that notion. Beyond […]

Intraoral Scanning and the Orthodontic Workflow by Dr Lydia Sharples

Routinely using a scanner will allow you to utilise digital dentistry to unlock the full potential of your practice in addition to developing a more streamlined and efficient workflow for both orthodontic and restorative treatment. We will focus on orthodontic treatment in this article and discuss:  The Scanning Process Having a scan is much more […]

How Are You Organised? by Jamie Morley

Get your ducks in a row One of the key roles of leadership at a very high level is to get stuff done. It is to ensure that your practice is effectively doing the tasks that need to be done in order to reach the vision and goals that you are striving to achieve. Let’s […]

Through the Eyes of a Patient by Lina Craven

Many practices often come to me for advice on how to increase case acceptance. Increasing case acceptance is not just about using closing techniques; it happens through a combination of Systems, Processes and People. But what really ensures practice success is delivering an outstanding patient journey, one that not only meets but exceeds a patient’s […]

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Dentists Make with Social Media by Patrick Schoeman

1. 90% of content is “pulling out the wedding ring on the first date” “Discount this”, “FREE that”, “We specialise in…,” or “We have been in business for…” It’s all screaming ME ME ME. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Proposing on the first date is, generally speaking, a recipe for disaster. On […]

Invisalign First Fit Appointment by Dr Lisa O’Dwyer

To start you could book 30 minutes for a case’s first fit appointment until you are comfortable with the process. Here are some suggestions for what to include during the appointment.  Article by Lisa O’Dwyer, Clinical Executive at Aligner Dental Academy