Hands-On Skills Lab at LonDEC Academy – 1st March 2024

with Dr David Bretton, Dr Stephanie Lennard & Dr Kavita Malkan
EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT. Learn how to finish your Invisalign cases including hands-on placement of bonded retainers, IPR techniques and more.

Event Details.

Learn the art of finishing Invisalign cases, from attachment removal to the placement of bonded retainers, and explore the world of elastics and auxiliaries through an engaging blend of lectures and hands-on practice. A ClinCheck® clinic will also feature on the day where you will learn how to efficiently modify a ClinCheck® using 3D controls. There will be a session on IPR where you will learn IPR techniques to use in practice.

AimsTo teach GDPs how to finish Invisalign cases and place a bonded retainer in a clinical setting. To demonstrate how to use elastics in class II and class III cases as well as troubleshooting with elastics (extrusion and box elastics) and auxiliary techniques. To show delegates how to modify a ClinCheck using 3D controls and to teach various IPR techniques.

Event is now sold out!

Learning Objectives.

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Know how to finish Invisalign cases including attachment removal, enameloplasty and the importance of retention
  • Directly place a bonded retainer
  • Effectively use dimple pliers in Invisalign treatment
  • Know when and how to use elastics for class II and class III cases
  • Extrude a tooth that is not tracking using elastics
  • Place box elastics to close a POB
  • Modify a ClinCheck® using 3D controls
  • Efficiently complete IPR for their patients

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