Are You Selling Yourself and Your Dental Practice Effectively? by Patrick Schoeman


Let me ask you this… Do you even believe that you need to “sell yourself” and your Dental Practice? I keep hearing this notion that Dentists shouldn’t “sell”, they are there to provide healthcare services to patients and selling has no place in Dentistry.

Well, let me tell you that I flat-out disagree with that notion. Beyond addressing why I feel this way, I want to show you how this attitude might not be good for your patients or their long-term dental health.

When we hear the word “sell,” what is the picture that comes to mind? We might conjure up some e vision of an unethical sales rep tricking someone into buying something they don’t need for an inflated price. In essence, we equate selling with ripping someone off. I don’t like it when someone tries to do that to me, and you probably don’t either. But… that’s not selling. That’s being a con artist.


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