Our services allow you to offload some of the technical expertise needed with our trained team of dental experts.

Treatment Planning Services

Revolutionise your aligner workflow with our Treatment Planning Services! Let our seasoned team handle the intricacies of creating and fine-tuning your Invisalign ClinCheck® treatment plans. We understand the nuances of treatment protocols, ensuring tailored strategies for each case. Simply provide us with your treatment goal, and we’ll assess all tooth movement, making any necessary adjustments for a customised and reliable plan.

Here’s how it works: Submit your Invisalign ClinCheck® plan, and our TPS specialist will review and optimise it based on your treatment objective. Once approved, you’ll be notified, saving you valuable time. Our systematic approach is backed by years of clinical experience and a track record of over 15,000 successful plans. Count on us for predictably profitable outcomes and heightened clinical confidence. Experience the power of Aligner Expertise for yourself!

Invisalign ClinCheck® / Treatment Planning Service

Mentor Café

Personalised, 1-on-1 advice and mentorship on your Invisalign Go and Comprehensive cases from an experienced Aligner Dental Academy Mentor!

Mentor Café

Join the fastest-growing, industry-specific peer-to-peer academy developed by Aligner dentists for Aligner dentists.

When you become a member of the Aligner Dental Academy you are demonstrating your commitment to continually developing your knowledge and skills in order to offer your patients optimum care and results.

You are also immersing yourself in an environment with peers and experienced mentors, giving you constant access to support and guidance to ensure clinical excellence with every patient you treat.