Improving Treatment Predictability with ClinCheck® – Birmingham

with Dr Jasmine Piran
Learn to improve your ClinCheck® knowledge and how to modify a ClinCheck® to improve case predictability.

Event Details.

Join us for an Incredible In-Person Clincheck® Live Event!

Date: Wednesday 28th of June

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm IST

Location: Odeon Luxe Broadway Plaza
220 Ladywood Middleway, Birmingham
B16 8LP

Aims: To improve the practitioners’ ClinCheck® knowledge and how to modify a ClinCheck® to improve case predictability

This event is focused on improving treatment predictability with Clincheck. Dr Jasmine Piran will explain how to effectively review and modify an Invisalign ClinCheck®. Staging movements and attachments will be reviewed. The session will conclude with a Q & A with Dr Jasmine Piran and you will also be given a format for ClinCheck® review which can be used on any case going forwards!

Cost: £99 (ex VAT) for Aligner Dental Academy Members and £199 (ex VAT) for Non-Members


Learning Objectives.

Objectives: Upon completion participants will be able to efficiently modify an Invisalign ClinCheck and understand the importance of the following when reviewing a ClinCheck:

  • Tooth movements table
  • Staging movements
  • Bolton analysis
  • Delaying IPR
  • Occlusal contacts review
  • Requesting attachments following poor tracking
  • Requesting elastics
  • Overcorrection aligners and virtual c chain
  • Overcorrecting rotations
  • Anchorage
  • Case reports

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