ADA SAFE Symposium Event 2024

The Aligner Dental Academy kicked off 2024 with a resounding success at the ADA SAFE Symposium, hosted at The Royal College of Physicians in Central London on February 3rd.


Hosted by Aligner Dental Academy’s Dr Raman Aulakh and Dr Barry Buckley, the day showcased enlightening talks covering diverse clinical and business topics, enhancing the clear aligner expertise of all participants.

Distinguished speakers travelled from as far as Sydney, Australia to contribute their insights gained from thousands of Invisalign cases, engaging the audience in TED-Talk style panel discussions. Topics covered included the Management of Clinical Failures and Cutting Edge Digital Dentistry. Attendees were privileged to receive market insights from Align’s Global leadership team, featuring Simon Beard and the UK’s GM Evren Koksal. Let’s dive in!

Event Overview

The Aligner Dental Academy started off 2024 with an outstanding success at the ADA SAFE Symposium, held at The Royal College of Physicians in Central London on February 3rd. Dr Raman Aulakh and Dr Barry Buckley led the day with a warm welcome to all attendees, providing updates from the Aligner Dental Academy, followed by insights into Align Technology’s future collaboration vision with dentists, shared by Evren Koksal, the Align Technology UKI general manager.

What followed was an engaging lineup of talks covering a diverse range of clinical and business topics. Dr Raman Aulakh delved into “Solutions for Plastic 2.0,” offering a comprehensive review of recent literature on Biomechanic protocols for predictability, supplemented with a compelling case example. Dr David Bretton then shared his A-Z Invisalign tips, gathered from his extensive experience of completing over 1,000 Invisalign cases.

Event Recap

Networking breaks throughout the day provided attendees with the opportunity to engage directly with representatives from ADA, Align Technology, and the Kiroku team, who were on hand to demonstrate their latest products. The ADA team in particular used the time to communicate the services offered such as Marketplace, TPS and also to discuss upcoming events.

The symposium transitioned into its TED Talk segment, opening with a reflective discussion on the “Management of Clinical Failures.” Dr Michaela Sehnert, Dr Jasmine Piran, and Dr Montse Galiano shared their personal journeys of clinical setbacks, emphasizing the valuable lessons learned from adversity. This session concluded with a panel discussion, encouraging an open dialogue on managing clinical challenges.

The subsequent segment, “Cutting Edge Digital Dentistry,” showcased innovative approaches to leveraging digital technology in dental practice. Dr Marcos White presented the digital patient workflow, followed by Dr Dylan Lin’s exploration of Smile Architect methodology, highlighting the importance of strategic planning. Dr Mohsen Tehranian used his lecture to discuss pushing boundaries in the dental industry, inspiring attendees to aspire for excellence. A panel discussion followed, facilitating further exploration of digital dentistry concepts.

Dr Barry Buckley resumed the afternoon session with his insights on “The 3 Pillars to Scaling Your Invisalign Business,” offering invaluable strategies for business growth and sustainability.

The symposium also featured a unique Dentistry Shark Tank, where three dental innovators presented their cutting-edge products to the audience, including a pre-launch demonstration of the iTero Lumina by Simon Beard of Align Technology. This was also a great platform for the Kiroku team to pitch their latest technology and share their plans for 2024. As with all of the day, this session was interactive and attendees then participated in voting for their preferred innovations.

Champagne Awards Ceremony

The day concluded with a Champagne Awards Reception in the Dorchester library, honouring outstanding achievements in the dental community. Congratulations to the well deserved winners of the evening:

Dr Edward Young

Case of the Year 2023 Winner (From case of the month entrants)

Dr Beatriz Lara

Best Invisalign Case Winner

Dr Michael Maguire

Best Invisalign Case Special Recognition

Dr Eoin O’Neill

Best Invisalign Case Special Recognition

Dr Ann Griffin

Dentists Choice Award Winner

Thank you to our speakers!

Dr Barry Buckely

ADA Co-Founder

Dr Raman Aulakh

ADA Co-Founder

Simon Beard

Align Executive VP & MD of America and EMEA

Evren Koksal

Align UKI General Manager

Dr David Bretton

Dr Dylan Lin

Dr Jasmine Piran

Dr Montse Galiano

Dr Mohsen Tehranian

Dr Marcos White

Dr Michaela Sehnert

Dr Angela Auluck

Dr Tommasso Weinstein

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Saturday 8th February 2025


Royal College of Physicians

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