Invisalign First Fit Appointment by Dr Lisa O’Dwyer

To start you could book 30 minutes for a case’s first fit appointment until you are comfortable with the process. Here are some suggestions for what to include during the appointment. 

  • Ensure the patient has seen the Clincheck and signed all consent forms. We generally advise this is completed at an earlier appointment before the Clincheck is approved and aligners ordered.
  • Pre-fill the attachment template with composite or ask your nurse to do so.
  • Take as many pre-treatment photos as needed because this is your last chance before the aligners are fit! The before and after photos will be a huge help to growing your patient base.
  • Fit the attachments as per our previous article.
  • Complete any IPR due before aligner 2.
  • Give the patient Aligner 1 and 2, and advise them to change two weekly.
  • Show the patient how to insert and remove their first aligner – this can take some getting used to.
  • Give post-op written and verbal instructions.

Article by Lisa O’Dwyer, Clinical Executive at Aligner Dental Academy


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